About PiaTune

PiaTune is a professional piano tuning application for iPhone ®. PiaTune tunes the piano just like an aural tuner would tune. There is no need for pre-measurements. It measures the notes as you tune and sets the temperament. Then expands this temperament while continuously measuring. Once the piano is tuned you can save the tuning data and reuse. This time the tuning is already calculated and the piano can be tuned in any order. 

Actual beat rates of major third, sixth and tenth intervals related to the temperament can be measured, a feature useful for aural tuners.

PiaTune is free to install and fully functional with one exception. When the 200 note change quota loaded on first install is reached, the application is paused for 2 minutes every 12 note change. You can upgrade to paid version to remove this limitation through In App Purchase. 

Privacy Policy

PiaTune application does not collect any personal data.